Families need healing from addiction, too.

We believe that families can be restored and that each family will find a unique pathway.  Westport Fresh Start personalizes family coaching through our family advocate.  We believe that families have suffered but can heal and fully recover.  We refer families to private family therapy providers as they rebuild their confidence and trust in the process of recovery, and in one another.

When you’re ready to transition home, we can provide referrals for private practice providers including family therapists, in your new home.


We are a comprehensive sober living program filled with opportunities for you to develop the sober lifestyle that fits your needs. With your life in recovery, you can create your own program of over-all wellness and find a sustainable and meaningful life.


A wellness plan is critical to your success at Westport Fresh Start. We define it as a way to live that creates good health in mind, body and spirit. Because it underlines the choices we make about our health, including mental health, wellness becomes a pivotal concern in recovery.

Helping men choose to live a sober and productive life