We are a comprehensive sober living program filled with opportunities for you to develop the sober lifestyle that fits your needs.

We provide an integrated, flexible structure that includes recovery coaching support, sharing evening meals, developing your unique wellness plan (YMCA membership), and the comfortable support of fellowship. We are here for you every step of the way as you face the challenges of early recovery. Working with you, we can help you create the lifestyle that fits your recovery needs.

With a cook to prepare your evening meals, a fully stocked gourmet kitchen and a car ready to drive you to your recovery related appointments, we can take care of those details so you can focus on your recovery. Your team can help you become a member of the thriving Fairfield County recovery community and enjoy time with your family or a sober fun activity over the weekend.


Westport Fresh Start personalizes family coaching. We believe that families have suffered but can heal and be restored, and that each family will find a different path to recovery. We can support them as they rebuild their confidence and trust in the process of recovery and in one another.


A wellness plan is critical to your success at Westport Fresh Start. We define it as a way to live that creates good health in mind, body and spirit. Because it underlines the choices we make about our health, including mental health, wellness becomes a pivotal concern in recovery.

Helping men choose to live a sober and productive life