At Westport Fresh Start, in Westport, Connecticut, we’re helping you make a fresh start.

Having and implementing a wellness plan is critical to long-term success in living sober. Westport Fresh Start offers an integrated and flexible process that helps you create good health as a whole person.  A plan of wellness underlines the choices we make about our health, including mental health, making good over-all health a pivotal concern in recovery.

Seeing you open up and smile, enjoy life and find peace and satisfaction in living well is our mission, so we’ll meet you exactly where you are at and work with you to create an individual wellness plan that is sustainable. We are committed to assist you as find the daily commitment that works for you so you can thrive in long-term recovery.

We offer a membership in the YMCA, our cook to prepare the evening meal, fully stock the kitchen for you at all times, and our escorted car ready to drive you to your recovery-related appointments. For peace of mind and a sense of purpose, we assist you in obtaining a job, so you can gain confidence in the process of recovery and yourself. We also help you schedule and arrive at your health appointments and become a member of the Fairfield County recovery community. Your recovery life will gradually grow into its own unique engagements, joys and challenges where you can finally become the recovering person you were meant to be.

Coaching & Therapy

Recovery coaches available in-house; we collaborate with clinical social workers and psychiatrists from the community.


Developing customized nutritional plans
for each of our residents


Workout routines customized for each resident, developed by our personal trainer and naturopathic doctors

Meditation & Yoga

Guided meditation and yoga, important to the physical and
spiritual healing process


We are a comprehensive sober living program filled with opportunities for you to develop the sober lifestyle that fits your needs. With your life in recovery, you can create your own program of over-all wellness and find a sustainable and meaningful life.


Westport Fresh Start personalizes family coaching. We believe that families have suffered but can heal and be restored and that each family will find a different pathway to regenerate. We can support them as they rebuild their confidence and trust in the process of recovery and in one another.

Helping men choose to live a sober and productive life